Dog Wheelchairs - Why Choose Best Friend Mobility

Best Friend Mobility offers global elegance canine wheelchairs. Learn why our doggie wheelchairs for puppies are the pleasant high-quality and most cheap in the marketplace nowadays. With our Dog Wheelchairs, your first-rate buddy can run and play once more, he or she can stay a complete, wealthy, satisfied life of play and exercise with certainly one of our dog wheelchairs.  


If you're being concerned for a first-rate pal that has mobility issues and needs a canine wheelchair for any motive, We can provide you with pet mobility answers that suit your pet and your price range. Best Friend Mobility dog wheelchairs provide you and your canine the following benefits: 

Universal, however Customizable canine wheelchairs designs:

Best Friend Mobility believes that every dog is precise. Our patented canine wheelchair designed via a veterinary orthopedic surgeon comes in five sizes in line with the weight class. Our dog wheelchairs are designed to fit 99 % of puppies within every weight magnificence. Our dog's wheelchairs are completely adjustable in period, height, and width, so every cart is custom designed for every pet in the course of the initial becoming system. 

Simply select from our canine wheelchairs product list, the size that suits the weight magnificence of your dog, and the cart may be customizable precisely for your pets needs. Best Friend Mobility has a 100% satisfaction guarantee for each doggie wheelchair that we sell. 

If your dog wheelchair does not make healthy properly for any motive, or if you'll want to go back the dog wheelchair for any purpose, we can provide a 100% no questions requested refund or exchange for another length wheelchair. 

Even with impaired mobility, every canine nevertheless has wonderful needs. Our canine wheelchairs are handmade with love, care, and we take pride in our work. Best friend mobility has also made executing physical capabilities less difficult while in the dog wheelchair with a particularly designed harness. If you want unique changes for dog wheelchairs like extension wheels or larger/smaller frames, don’t hesitate to tell us. We’ll be glad to accommodate your requests. 

Medically sound canine wheelchairs by a Veterinary Orthopedic Surgeon:

Our canine wheelchairs are designed with all the needs of mobility-impaired and disabled puppies in mind. Dogs with situations of :

  • Neurological impairment
  • Complete or partial rear paralysis
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Surgical recuperation
  • Rehabilitation
  • Arthritis
  • Fractured spine
  • Lumbar or thoracic disc harm
  • Any other condition that results in rear leg pain and or weakness
  • Pet has to have regular the front leg energy to use the SitGo and Rear models 

And many greater situations require canine wheelchairs that no longer handiest appearance properly but are exact for them. Best Friend Mobility canine wheelchairs had been designed with this in thoughts using Dr. Olivier Augustine, a veterinary spinal orthopedic surgeon, and the founder of Best Friend Mobility. 

With his expertise on mobility impairment and dog muscle, neurological, and bone issues, our canine wheelchairs are evolved to help your canine regain mobility and to hurry up its recuperation. With our world class dog wheelchairs, you could be sure that your dog receives the high-quality consolation and innovation available. 

Each of our dog wheelchairs is made and designed with attention to detail and professional craftsmanship. Our dog wheelchairs are customized and customizable for the specific wishes of virtually every dog. They also are introduced on time, so your puppy can regain his or her mobility, or start his or her rehabilitation right away.  

But if for a few purposes you are sorrowful with our product, we offer 14-day money again assure except transport fees on each purchase. Let your pet strive at the wheelchair, and if you are nevertheless unhappy, we give you your money lower back without questions requested. Please be aware that it takes maximum pets 1-2 weeks to grow fully comfortable with their new wheelchair.